Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Martha Stewart simple circle cutter

I came up with a technique to paint circles using this cutter and it actually worked!

Supplies needed:
Martha Stewart simple circle cutter, paint, foam dots and a sponge.

1.        Remove blade and adhere two foam square dots on top of where you would originally place blades

       2.Cut out a piece of a sponge, and place on top of foam, since dots have adhesive already, no glue is required.

This is what you should end up with

3. Add paint
4.  Now use it as you normally would, only thing don't apply to much pressure. 
                         I love the way the paint glides and forms a perfect round circle. 

 This is a start of a layout that I quickly came up the possibilities are endless!Hope this tip helps my fellow crafters. 


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