Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It felt like my arm had been torn off....12x12 Layout using The Prima Meadow Lark Collection

 I am a Mixed Media Artist, and consider my style Avant Garde, moving, expressive and evocative. I always create based on how I felt at some point in my life. This is why I started crafting, I found a way to express myself through my art.

It felt like,my arm had been torn off. It felt like, I suddenly had no legs to walk.  I felt awkward. This is how I felt after, 13 years of marriage fell apart, and he left me.  I am not ashamed to admit how I felt. It was a hard thing to accept, and I still struggle accepting that my family fell apart, and that my kids, don’t have both of us under the same roof. It took me a long time to accept things, but I never lost hope. I finally met unconditional love. This is when I realized life is not perfect it was never meant to be. I learned to love and appreciate the world around me. I felt a sense of relief and freedom.

This picture is of my beautiful daughter when I did her makeup as the Black Swan. I love this picture, because I wanted her to give me sadness, and she did a great job! This picture was taken last year in February and still remains one of my favorites. It makes me feel darkness when I look at it. I used the beautiful papers from The Meadow Lark Collection by prima which I absolutely love! I also added my  handmade spray and Prima flowers. I used some prima stamps to add the journaling part. 


  1. Beautiful layout> Iknow how you felt. I have been there and now looking back my life is so much more blessed.

  2. Thank you very much! It means so much more when people can relate and I agree my life is also so much better now! :)