Thursday, December 1, 2011


My brother took this picture, and his innocence melts my heart. I used the “ Tim Holtz Lost and Found” on both projects. 

               My nephew at 5 months old. I added the letter of his name to each picture. He is so cute!

 I am inspired by my nephew, who I love and adore with all my heart. He lost his mommy, the day he was born, and my brother is a single dad raising him. It was a very hard loss for my family. She was very special, and would be extremely proud of her son and my brother. I admire my brother’s patience, he is a great father. My nephew is very bright he’s  two years old and speaks like he's 10 lol, my brother has been reading to him since he was in his mommy’s tummy. I love them both and I hope this art work that I  made reminds my brother that he has a little boy, who brings joy and love to all of our lives, and who inspire us every day.  I miss my sister-in-law so much! I know she would want us to move forward and raise her little boy to be what he is today a happy and healthy beautiful boy. 

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